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ERP Functional Modules

Functional modules cover the full processing of the common ‘functions’ to run an organization.

Each module gives in depth knowledge of specific functions and it’s also co linked to other functions as well. For example, sales done by the sales department will issue an invoice to the accounts department, which will be presented as invoice and cost received of the sold goods. ERP has consistently focused on best process methodologies for driving its business process solutions.

This course gives a comprehensive understanding of integration of ERP with the business process.

After the completion of an extensive training methodology, you will have to undertake a certification exam without any further additional cost. And, after that, we will give you a Certificate from INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOCRATS KOLKATA, recognized by BLOGIX SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS AND TRAINING PVT LTD. Here are the following ERP Functional Courses:

ERP SD- Sales and Distribution





After completion of SD training course, you will be able to Apply various tool functions and make custom made settings in various functions like price and billing. Use these tools and customizing settings in various sales and distribution processes such as output and text determination.



ERP FI/CO- Financials




After completion of ERP FI/CO training course, you will be able to: Apply various tools of business processes and periodic tasks in Asset Accounting, manage master data and configure Asset Accounting explain and apply the logic of the new general ledger, Apply substitutions and validations to financial accounting.



ERP HR- Human Resource or HCM (Human Capital Management) 


After this course, ERP HR or HCM , you will be able to understand how Payroll is organized, execute payroll runs, and configure gross payroll Configure organizational management. Apply your understanding for implementing Payroll and Organizational Management.




ERP MM- Material Management


When you complete the ERP MM training course, you will be able to keep a track of movements of the goods in the SAP system and execute relevant implementations for special functions. Prepare and execute a physical inventory of warehouse stock. Make custom made settings in materials management functions. Apply your understanding for implementing the procurement functions and many more.



SAP PP- Production Planning


After completion of  PP module, it will prepare you to directly apply the understanding of ERP, by setting up a demo company, plan enterprise structures, master data and business processes for an enterprise in the ERP system, and make the required system configurations Solution. Apply your understanding for implementing Supply Chain Manufacturing and many more




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