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Advance Java / J2EE

Java SE is the most common platform for enterprise systems and ISV applications today. Oracle Java SE Advanced, Oracle Java SE Suite and Oracle Java SE Support are Oracle’s solutions for enterprise developers and ISVs running mission critical applications and infrastructure on the Java SE platform. IIT Kolkata provides excellence environment for Advance Java courses in Kolkata.

                                                                              Advance JAVA  ( J2EE)Training  Content
Timings: Mornings/Evenings/Weekends/Custom   Course Duration:  60  hoursClass Duration:  2.0 Hours/dayServer Version:  java Mode of Training : Regular/Fast TrackWhat we Offer:* Quality Training * Flexible Timings* 24/7 LAB Access * Hands-on 




Advance Java  (J2EE) Course Content

Java Database Connectivity


o JDBC Product

o Types of Drivers

o Two-Tier Client/Server Model

o Three-Tier Client/Sever Model

o Basic Steps of JDBC

o Creating and Executing SQL Statement

o The Result Set Object

o Working with Database MetaData

o Interface



o Servlet Interaction & Advanced Servlets

o Life cycle of Servlet

o Java Servlet Development Kit

o Javax.servlet package

o Reading Servlet Parameters

o Reading Initialization Parameters

o The javax.servlet.http Package

o Handling HTTP





JavaServer Pages


o JSP Technologies

o Understanding the Client-Server Model

o Understanding Web server software

o Configuring the JSP Server

o Handling JSP Errors

o JSP Translation Time Errors

o JSP Request Time Errors

o Creating a JSP Error Page



o RMI Architecture

o Designing RMI application

o Executing RMI application




o Types of EnterpriseJava beans

o Session Bean & Entity Bean

o Features of Session Bean

o Life-cycle of Stateful Seession Bean

o Features of Entity Bean

o Life-cycle of Entity Bean

o Container-managed Transactions &

o Bean-managed Transactions

o Implementing a container-manged Entity Bean




o What is XML?

o XML Syntax Rules




o Introduction to the Apache Struts

o MVC Architecture

o Struts Architecture

o How Struts Works?

o Introduction to the Struts Controller

o Introduction to the Struts Action Class

o Using Struts ActionFrom Class

o Using Struts HTML Tags

o Introduction to Struts Validator Framework

o Client Side Address Validation in Struts

o Custom Validators Example

o Developing Application with Struts Tiles




o Introduction to Hibernate 3.0

o Hibernate Architecture

o First Hibernate Application