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ERP Technical Modules

AbapABAP Programming

Use of the ABAP / ABAP-Objects programming language and the ABAP Workbench is tools to develop your own business applications or to customize SAP standard software utilize your knowledge directly as a junior consultant in your first period of practice (Development consultants who are responsible for the development and customizing of business applications in ABAP/ABAP-Objects)




BIERP BI (Business Intelligence)

After the conclusion of the SAP BI Training, you will be able to analyze the data using BI tools, you can gain insights that support the decision making process within your company. BI makes it possible to quickly create reports about business processes and their results and to analyze and interpret data about customers, suppliers, and internal activities. Dynamic planning is also possible. Business Intelligence therefore helps optimize business processes.




BOERP BO (Business Objects)

At the conclusion on the SAP BO Training, you can follow an intuitive process to upload a spreadsheet, bring in different data sources, and explore your data with the software’s unique search and browse functionality. The integrated solution lets you create accurate, timely dashboards and reports. That means you no longer need to pull together sales reports from various sources or manually create pivot tables, charts, and graphs. You can also perform the “what-if” analyses.



it describes the fundamentals of the administration of the SAP system. When you say SAP Basis, you must think about the guys who will install, configure, update, patch, migrate, troubleshoot any technical problem on your SAP system and manage all the daily operations for that specific sap system or system landscape.  Basis area emphasize the administration of RDBMS(Relational Database Management System  – or simply the database sap system is using), client-server architecture and the SAP GUI.  Moreover Basis defines the interface between the system components and the Basis components, which includes also the development platform for sap applications and data dictionary. System administration, user administration and monitoring tools are also features of the Basis components in the SAP system.

At the first glance you can divide the SAP system mainly into 2 big layers(actually there are three – with the presentation layer): the technical part and the application part. SAP Basis is pointing to everything in the system that is connected to the technical part or layer.


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