IIT Kolkata – Indian institute of technocrats kolkata – IIT KOLKATA is the best software training institute in kolkata. INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOCRATS provides Software Courses- SELENIUM QTP BIG DATA – HADOOP training in Kolkata . Engineering students , MBA and professionals choose institute for their practical based training and focuses more on practicals rather than theoretical training’s.Indian institute of technocrats provides training in the most demanding technology in the market like SAP – ERP , DOT NET , PHP, DIGITAL MARKETING , ANDROID , BIG DATA – HADOOP , ORACLE DBA , ORACLE APPS , JD EDWARD, PEOPLESOFT , SELENIUM , QTP , LOAD RUNNER , JAVA – ADVANCE JAVA ,CITRIX , VMWARE , WINDOOWS SERVER , MICROSOFT TECHNOLOGIES , BPO TRAINING ,IBM , INFORMATICA and many more.Indian institute of technocrats is the leading software training institute in kolkata and has been the first preferred institute among students in kolkata. we have expertise in classroom and corporate IT training from MNC faculty which provide excellent coaching and we also offer various courses with excellent faculty members.


Hadoop Training in kolkata

IIT KOLKATA has conducted a research and found that there is a requirement of more than 2 lakhs data scientist in india. This will bring huge opportunities among students and professionals in the year 2016 and 201.. Hadoop is an open source software that helps in processing large data distributed among different servers. The hadoop software can be scaled from single server to several machines

Hadoop and its Ecosystems

Thus, it is necessary that professionals associated with the IT industry must be aware of this technology. Hence, Hadoop Training in kolkata by indian institute of technocrats is there to cater to the needs.

We are one of the leading providers of Apache Hadoop training in kolkata, and our training course is designed in such a way that each student / professionals gets familiar with the technology.

Apart from personal classroom training, we even offer online Hadoop training in kolkata and different location in india. This is to make sure that even professionals who dont have enough time can join our class from their home, as per their convenience.

We at Hadoop Training in kolkata have training courses designed for all groups of people right from the beginners to the advanced level professionals. If you enroll for our training course, we will provide you the series of tutorials that will be relevant for your real-world applications.


3D animation

IIT KOLKATA presents courses on 3D Animation that are all-inclusive of specialized programmes, conducted by richly qualifies professionals of the respective field. The need-based specialized trainings through the networks of the ERP Training Institute form the majority base of the animation courses which in the past years have established hundreds of professionals in the designated software field.

The course content as well as syllabus is designed at par with the requirement of the students in order to achieve specific career goals. The course is customized on the basis of the learning intake capacities of the candidates and that they should be benefitted is the primary concern of the ERP Training Institute. Moreover, the animation courses are a heady mix of career oriented content of intellectual learning and practical clear-cut concepts of learning itself. IIT KOLKATA is being considered as one of the leading institutes of animation that offers provisions of enrolment for the students willing to learn animation. Professionals with an expertise in the fields of 3D Animation are the key faculty here in the institute and they look after the learning capabilities of the students from the scratch. Thus the guidance provided to the students in association with the real-life case studies and practical hands on knowledge prove effective in the learning procedure of them.

The courses offered here (inclusive of Visual Effects Programs aka VFX) are as follows: Programs in Graphics and Animation, Professional Program in 3D Animation (for those amateurs aspiring to be animation artists), Program in Animation Filmmaking, Professional Program in VFX, Programs in Graphics, Web and Design and others. The animation courses at IIT KOLKATA aim at guaranteed job placements at reputed business enterprises and thus prove attractive to the students willing to learn. The 3D Animation courses promise to improve one’s skills and knowledge as well as career opportunities in the industry of the animation. Game Designing courses are to be started soon. Short term courses on animation and as well as digitization are also on offer as per the authorities in IIT KOLKATA inform.

The smart classes are well equipped with latest projectors and tools of technology. The classes are held twice a week and they are held 3 hours a day while the courses are varied from one year full time course to three month certificate course. Course fees range from rs.10, 000 to rs.25, 000 depending on the advancement of the courses. The ERP Training Institute makes sure that the students learn the finer nuances of animation ranging from pre and post-production, character animation and all along with the creative aspects. The course works are customized in such a way that the learners are undoubtedly endowed with the effective technical knowledge and necessary creative skills. Architectural visualization and digital designing are two primary learning concepts spanning in the animation courses. IIT KOLKATA is the go to place for acquiring the necessary job skills in order to succeed in professional sector.INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOCRATS provides Software Courses- SAP SELENIUM QTP BIG DATA – HADOOP training in Kolkata


The Java technology based platform of software is a largely popular computing language that enables one to create real-life computer applications modeled on high-end programming. At IIT KOLKATA we provide latest information and training on Java and that too at pocket-friendly prices. The courses on offer are designed according to the requirements of students ranging from new beginners to advanced learners. Courses offered at IIT KOLKATA are aimed to prepare the students in such a way that they can join reputed business firms and companies (i.e. MNCs) once the course gets over. The teachers aka trainers here are all senior experienced professionals with real hands on knowledge of their multiple java projects learnt and handled in course of dealing with hundreds of clients. It is to be noted that IIT KOLKATA takes special care in covering every important segment in the schedule courses and they keep in check whether the designed module is sufficient for the candidates who come over for excelling his/her designated area of performance.

The course on Java training comprises of different sections i.e. Web Component Development,  J2EE training (Business Component Development is focused in this area), Hibernate training, Core Java Programming, SAP Implementation, Struts, Java Script Training, J2ME which is inclusive of Java Micro Edition, Android Wireless Mobile Apps Programming and more. In order to become a successful Java Developer all these frameworks at the ERP Training Institute are highly essential as well as effective. The faculties working here are Oracle Java professionals who themselves are associated with leading MNCs and thus can present actual cases with clients and showcase their expertise on their respective field to the learners.

The ERP Training Institute being present in several locations across Kolkata can be easily accessed by the willing candidates for their enrollment purpose. The classes are being held at regular interval i.e. thrice a week and the weekend class facility is being also provided to those who face difficulty in continuing in regular course. Object-oriented teaching and programming ensure enhanced chances of job placements and IIT KOLKATA commits to guide the candidates to that path only. The courses are multi-threaded and focus on the core concepts of Industrial and Major Project Trainings of Java Developing. The affordable prices (rs.4500 for 45day course, rs.6000 for the advanced 30day course, rs.5200 for 60day course) make sure candidates get the best training in business without burning a hole in their pockets. The Core and Advanced Java Technology courses along with practically implementing learning projects learnt help the candidates in developing a compiled approach towards the technological enterprise applications. J2EE, J2SE, J2ME, J2SE all are the core contents of Java process and all these key concepts are well blended in our customized training module with practical knowledge and real-life case studies for quality authorized training. The candidates certified from this training centre are smothered with a plethora of potential job opportunities for they are being guided in accordance with combating the corporate challenges in job sector.INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOCRATS provides Software Courses- SAP SELENIUM QTP BIG DATA – HADOOP training in Kolkata


Dot Net

In this technologically fast paced world; Dot Net has become an essential figure in programming framework and IIT KOLKATA offers high-end course training on Dot Net guaranteed with real time placement orientation. The focus is largely on .NET which is a significant mainstream application model used to run in the Windows servers, clients and others and its key aspects. The infrastructure at the training centers is worth the time and money of the candidates and the training module is specifically career-oriented. The ERP Training Institute is well equipped with lab facilities and technical equipments and provides excellent classroom teaching.

The trainers and panel of teachers here are well-versed in multiple real-time projects of clients, for they themselves are the working professionals of popular MNCs i.e. TCS, IBM, Wipro etc having strong practical as well as theoretical knowledge. The hi-tech classes are an added assistance to the course and the students are benefitted from the overall course content and structure. To be in sync with the requirements and needs of the candidates, the course frameworks that the ERP Training Institute offer are designed accordingly and special classes are being held to complete the course content thoroughly in detail.

IIT KOLKATA can be regarded as one of the best in business as far as the Dot Net training is concerned. ASP.NET is considered to be a favorable programming network and thus in order to place a suitable job in the specified field, going through a proper training course is essential and highly recommended. The courses offered are not too high priced and rather is quite cost-effective. All the courses relating to Dot Net are packaged under rs. 10,000 and offer wide-ranged information on the software application system. The course works are being taught in such excellent way, thanks to the certified experts, that the trained candidates get an advantage in the competitive field of software programming.  The trick lies in the uniqueness of the course structure as followed in the training centres of IIT KOLKATA. Adding to the excitement, a discounted price is on offer in order to lure the potential students to enroll in one of the hottest technology processes of recent times. The Dot Net classes come in daytime batches, weekend batches and special batches for advanced learners. The teachers are Microsoft certified experts who have firsthand knowledge of dealing with real time Dot Net projects alongside years of experience in Microsoft Technologies. Their professionalism is beyond any question for they are expertise professionals in the software field of Dot Net.

The ERP Training Institute is located in multiple locations across Kolkata and that works in favor of the students for they can get into the training centre near their home. More than 600 students have been trained and provided placements as per the record of IIT KOLKATA. The comprehensive study materials come as an added bonus for the students are highly benefitted from the software programming courses.INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOCRATS provides Software Courses- SAP SELENIUM QTP BIG DATA – HADOOP training in Kolkata



Accounting being a widespread growth field enriched with tremendous job opportunities in corporate sector makes way for several of its courses. The course of Accounting helps one in achieving skills and proficiency in the latest accounting techniques of IT, which in future enables one to make decisions on account of the prevalent information on finance. ERP Training Institute arranges for such tailor made classes and course modules that are unparallel and cannot be found in other contemporary training centres that have mushroomed across the areas of Kolkata. IIT KOLKATA has an array of Accounting courses which come for a minimal course fee, increasing affordability and enrolment of more and more students. The courses in IIT KOLKATA regarding Accounting are: Principles of Financial Accounting, Financial Accounting and Reporting, Auditing, Taxation, Financial and Managerial Accounting, Corporate Finance, Cost Accounting to name a few.

The classes are well-equipped with advanced learning tools and that is definitely an added advantage of the course of Accounting. Regular 4days a week courses are being on offer at IIT KOLKATA and the course fee is pocket-friendly too. The courses are priced at rs. 4700 to rs. 7200 and more often than not, discounted offers are found at the training centres. The teachers recruited here for providing useful training to the candidates are experienced experts who have direct experience of teaching in commerce colleges. They are highly qualified academicians devoted to build the students and the main concern is their welfare and well establishment in professional field. Effective classroom teaching that comes up with learning course materials, PowerPoint assignments, mock tests, homework specimens is emphasized in this regard in the ERP Training Institute. The panel of teachers working in IIT KOLKATA are professionals coupled with expertise knowledge in their respective fields of Commerce.

Objective of the courses is to understand and discuss the accounting concepts underlying the principles of finance and activities of investment of several firms resulting in definite but complex structures of finance. Online accounting courses are also available in the training centres and the best in the field is promised to be provided. Intensive reading as well as thorough research on the topics of study under the guidance of faculty members is a common issue in the institute. IIT KOLKATA is one of the popular training institutes that help the students in acquiring the basic and effectively necessary professional skills in the field of Accounting and Finance. Commerce subjects are treated with care for they are the backbone of Finance sector of the nation. Students have been placed in the job sectors with the certified professional knowledge from the ERP Training Institute and more are yet to be placed soon. The candidates who are certified from this reputed centre of training never suffer in insecurities of job complex for they receive an wide spread job segment, thanks to the tailor-made course modules and guidance of experienced professionals working under the name of IIT KOLKATA.INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOCRATS provides Software Courses-  SELENIUM QTP BIG DATA – HADOOP training in Kolkata



QTP training has emerged to have become one of the most sought for subjects in the present era and students as well as young professionals have been identified to flock to training centers and institutes in great numbers in India and especially in Kolkata. Being a prominent institute in Kolkata providing technical assistance and specialized training and coaching to students young professionals, the IIT Kolkata has been at the forefront of the large number of coaching institutes in Kolkata to offer target oriented specialized training programs and classes on QTP training. With the best in class infrastructure and technological facilities and the best in terms of the quality of the mentors and teachers, the IIT Kolkata has carved out a niche of its own owing to its dedication to quality and efficient teaching and placement assistance which are hard to match.

The IIT Kolkata, setting a class of its own, dedicates extra time and attention to the specific learning needs as statuses of each of the trainees and arranges for specialized training and coaching as well as grooming for each of the students who come down to IIT Kolkata or connect with it. The provision for engaging into online interactive sessions and interactive classes enables the students to engage in detailed discussions and sharing of views and knowledge on the subject and also address the queries that they may have at any point of time. These features make the IIT Kolkata one of the best in its class and attract students and young professionals from far flung places and strengthen the base of knowledge of the students on QTP.

Keeping with its class, the syllabus and teaching schedule for the QTP training has been tailor made by scholars and trainers to meet the needs of the students and make their prosper along their designated professional paths. The QTP program includes training on The IIT Kolkata has been one of the eminent institutes in eastern India in providing QTP training on the QTP testing process, Object repository, conditional statement, frameworks and looping statement, batch testing, scripting and real time project management in QTP. This enables the students to gain the adequate knowledge and understanding of the process and the manner in which it has to be implemented in the practical scenario and along with the practical tests are conducted for further sharpening of their skills and abilities.

The practical experience and exposure to detailed professional real time working to make the students feel confident and equips them with the necessary skills and practical knowledge and understanding of the ground scenario that they may be required to work in, in the subsequent phases of their professional lives in the upcoming times following their establishment in coveted organizations and companies. Additional corporate exposure provided to the students in this field is to help them get better job options and thus, IIT Kolkata is an institute that assists the students to get access to highly paid job options.INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOCRATS provides Software Courses-  SELENIUM QTP BIG DATA – HADOOP training in Kolkata

MS Project:

The Microsoft Project software has been developed by the Microsoft Company and is designed to assist project planning managers to devise a detailed plan for a specified project, allocating the appropriate resources for a specific task and for all the tasks, as a whole, monitoring and keeping track on the progress made or the impediments or barriers encountered or faced, the management of the finances or budgeting for the specified tasks or tasks and in the effective and efficient analysis of the workloads.

Owing to its accuracy and user friendliness, the Microsoft project has generated immense interest and intrigue of project managers as well as students and teachers and there has been a marked trend in India about undertaking training on MS project among young aspiring professional and entrepreneurs.

Being a premier institute, the IIT Kolkata is steadfast in tracking the developments taking place in this field and has been one of the first institutes in eastern Indian to offer certified courses on Microsoft project training and tutorial and also assisting the trainees in their placement to genuine organizations and companies in different roles where the students can make the best use of the Microsoft project training and experience that they would gain at the IIT Kolkata. To equip the trainees and the aspiring professionals to be in sync with their roles and responsibilities that they would be required to shoulder in their upcoming days, the IIT Kolkata team of experts provide target specific training in line with the modern features of Microsoft project including running project in cloud, improvements in the scheduling engine, advanced management of the workflow engine, advanced capabilities for reporting, a better and easy to understand security model, and comprehensive yet simplified task management and timesheets.    The training provide for Microsoft Project to the trainees are done so in real life conditions by people having real time experience and immense acumen and knowhow of the software in order to assist the trainees develop the desired standards and skills in handling with the implementation of the Microsoft project to meet the designated goals of project planning and overall management of the tasks and resources as well as financial planning, accounting and budgeting vis-a-vis the envisaged aims of the project and the corresponding deadline for each of the tasks of which the individual project is composed of. With all the modern facilities and infrastructure and technological expertise, the teachers and mentors o the IIT Kolkata make the learning experience an experience that would contribute in the initial days as well as in the subsequent stages of professional establishment and advancement to a great extent.

The IIT Kolkata, hence, boasts of providing the best in class Microsoft project training at affordable prices and at flexible class timings and also with the additional facilities of arranging for interactive sessions and question answer classes to make the students develop a solid understanding of the subject, both theoretically as well as practically and to contributed sufficiently to the overall development and grooming of the trainees.INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOCRATS provides Software Courses-  SELENIUM QTP BIG DATA – HADOOP training in Kolkata

 2D Animation

The concept of animation is more than just making only the cartoons and caricatures and this is rather an art which is used for the purpose to create a fantasy world where all the cartoon characters are moving and giving one the feeling of real life like experience. Therefore, for the purpose to develop the art of 2D Animation ITT Kolkata is the right place for learn the methods and process of 2D Animation. The concept of 2D Animation is quite old yet this is considered as the starting point of getting the idea of the creation of Animation and this is also known to the traditional form of making Animation. ITT Kolkata with the use of proper training and skill is able to educate a number of students on the process of and skill required to produce 2D Animation. This is with the help of such assistance ITT Kolkata has assisted many to work in the animation studios, in television channels, in advertisements, the film production organizations and thus, this 2D Training Institute can be considered as the gate way to better future in the animation sector for the students and assist the students and professional to get access to job with better pay.

For the students who are looking for better further in the animation sector ITT Kolkata will help you to get the right knowledge and help develop the expertise required for the development of high quality and interesting animations. For the 2D Animation course provided by ITT Kolkata helps in building blocks of animation and thus, help construct a strong base of knowledge regarding animation and practical experience. This has been further possible due to the skill professionals of ITT Kolkata who are there to impart quality knowledge on 2D Animation course. The use of the high tech class rooms and study materials are providing additional assistance to the students availing the 2D Animation course. The syllabus followed in the study materials are framed in order to provide in-depth knowledge of 2D Animation course.

The key highlights of 2D Animation course:

  • The 2D Animation course of ITT Kolkata has been framed to provide an out and out knowledge to the students and help building the in-depth knowledge on the animation creations.
  • The 2D Animation course of ITT Kolkata follows the main fundamentals and the use of advanced technology has further made the course more interesting and the helpful for the students.
  • The use of the comprehensive and up-to-date study materials provide an additional assistance to the students coming to the IIT Kolkata for2D Animation courses.
  • Panel of expert teachers are providing regular classes for the better assistance and learning of the students.
  • As a premier institute, the IIT Kolkata supports and assists its trainees in locating the most appropriate professional path and this is manifest in the fact that the ITT Kolkata, so far the 2D Animation courses are concerned have successfully placed more than 100 students in the previous year itself.



The incessant growth of animation and game development industry demands highly skilled and trained students who can handle and execute creative projects efficiently. To join the industry, get trained and fine tune your creative skill under the guidance of highly experienced and professionally trained faculties at IIT KOLKATA.  It is the leading student training institute that offers professional courses and professionally trains the students to help them join the industry and start a career in multimedia. Established in 2000, IIT Kolkata has evolved as a leading computer education institution in eastern India. The ERP TRAINING INSTITUTE has successfully trained more than 10,000 students through its career oriented courses in the past decade.

Learn multimedia animation from IIT Kolkata and be a part of the growing sector today. Industry analysis confirms that with the growing demand in visualization and graphic art work in Television, Mobile and digital media the Indian multimedia and animation sector has experienced a record growth of US $ 247 million in the past few years and is growing by 15 to 29% every year. The world market is thriving and Indian companies are in huge demand for working in the international projects. Thus, such a perennially growing sector, demands thousands of skilled and trained artists to work in the studio and create impressive art work. So, do not waste time in thinking, join the renowned ERP Training Institute and learn from the qualified faculties. Advanced courses in Animation and Multimedia Technology, 3D modelling, Character Animation will help you give life to the still characters you create on the paper. Create the most attractive animation and graphic art for television, films or digital media and boost your career growth.  Design to help in brand building and grow in the sector.

At the ERP TRAINING INSTITUTE you get to learn the courses specially designed to meet the growing demand of the animation and gaming industry. The One year full time course on Digital Media Creation, Six month part-time Certificate Course on Interactive Multimedia Development. We have also included Computer Graphics and Multimedia ad a part of DOEACC A & B Level Courses, to help student enrich themselves and grow in the industry. IIT KOLKATA aims at implementing comprehensive skill development programmes and train students professionally to meet the level of expectation of the emerging areas in the multimedia sector. After completion of the course we assist in placement and also help students with career developing suggestion.

Join the ERP TRAINING INSTITUTE to learn and start your career in 3D Animation, multimedia, graphics and web designing, VFX and game designing. Besides films and digital media, the most growing sector today is app development. With the help of the knowledge of designing apps and games entertain and engage today’s generation. At IIT KOLKATA learn that designing is not only about promotion or film making or children cartoon, but it also help the corporate world to inform in an innovative way. Besides designing, upgrade the world about new ways of communication through developing interactive art works that will not only attract but will further help in engaging the audience and involve them into communication. Hence build relationship on the virtual world and encourage brand building in an innovative manner with guidance from ERP TRAINING INSTITUTE. INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOCRATS provides Software Courses-  SELENIUM QTP BIG DATA – HADOOP training in Kolkata


The all new Android operating system has enabled countless devices across the globe to help in direct manipulation of the user interface of the touch screen device.  It is a Linux based customizable mobile operating system that powers screen of all sizes for example, screens of smart phones, tablets, watches, care music system, TV, palmtops etc. The OS helps in controlling and managing touch phone actions comfortably. It is one of the mostly used operating system today. Computer education institute IIT KOLKATA has introduced a special wing to teach and train students in Android development so that they could join the most demanding field in the present market.

Since 2013 Google play store has introduced Android application also known as mobile apps and created millions of mobile apps. Mobile and tablet apps are in demand. Thousands apps are downloaded every day. Research confirms that about 71% apps were developed on Android and about 40% professionals identify Android as a growing career opportunity. Hence to learn ways of creating apps and enter into the most demanding developer’s domain join IIT KOLKATA to learn the right techniques of android management.

Android is simply not only about developing apps or powering the mobile screen, at the ERP TRAINING INSTITUTE learnt the creative ways of using operating system and techniques of engaging users to the mobile screen. IIT KOLKATA is enriched with proficient guides who are industrially trained and have experienced in working with Android system. They will help you known how and in which ways you should work with Android system, the appropriate version of android that will help in maintaining better control, improved security and touch screen management or even help with finger print verification. These are little green characters that accelerate the touch screen operating system and to know all about the way you should use it on new versions of mobile screens learn from the ERP TRAINING INSTITUTE.

Develop beautiful apps by going through the training modules. Practice at the finest computer labs and become proficient in working with Android studio and SDK tools. Android is not just about improving the telecommunication system it is one of the most popular technologies for customizable operating system for high tech devices. The open nature of Android has encouraged a large number of developers to join the domain. Enthusiasts could therefore join the IIT KOLKATA and use the open source code and develop projects. Android has evolved as the favorite platform of most developers today. It is free and open source nature gives flexibility to work. It helps in combining creative idea into development and thus offers tremendous scope for programmers to grow in their career. So after completing basic education join the course of Android programme and train yourself under eminent android developers from ERP TRAINING INSTITUTE. Knowledge of android development gives you scope to develop apps single headedly and work as self-employed and enjoy loads. So learn the Android SDK that is comprise of a complete set of app development and helps in creating the finest mobile apps world has ever seen.INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOCRATS provides Software Courses- SELENIUM QTP BIG DATA – HADOOP training in Kolkata


BPO Training

In the last decade the out sourcing company has grown exceptionally. Today more than 500 companies contact centers to generate leads and engage their front end sales professionals with qualified sales leads on regular basis. Such a techniques helps companies grow in a focused manner. BPO training at IIT KOLKATA opens up new vistas for students willing to join the calling industry and communicate with consumers in a proficient manner.

ERP TRAINING INSTITUTE is here to train you how to communicate with the global customer.  Learn to talk fluently in English and impress listeners with your voice. It is an art of engaging listeners to your call and involves them to listen to the message. So those aspiring to work in one of the top paying sectors in the industry, join the BPO training class at IIT KOLKATA today and pick the right skills to work in Calling.

The institute will provide you with a complete training module and help in developing English communication skill so that you can comfortably speak with the people around the globe and answer their queries fluently. It is art of satisfying their expectation over a call so the agent needs to posses very clear diction, promptness in communication and precise with response. Apart from this they should know ways to communicate in English fluently so as to help the customers in a pleasant and intelligent way. The training course will also include help you develop an impressive CV and guide you about the dress code or body language of the corporate world. Mock sessions are there to help students build confidence, eliminate shyness and in overall personality enhancement so as when you enter the interview session you impress the interviewer and get your dream job comfortably.

Learn to use right grammar free English and improve telephonic skill from the BPO training at  IIT KOLKATA. The training will emphasize on introducing the students to the particular industry that would include an overview of the types of BPO or Call centers and ways in which these outsourcing companies function. After which the students will be informed about the scopes in the industry and the personality development class will inform about the ways in which you could utilize the skills to get an edge in the job market. The trainers will specifically focus on developing the soft skills such as communication skill, elimination of grammatical error, syntax issues in the sentence framing, improve reading and listening skill. Understand ways of outbound and inbound marketing and develop skills of tele calling and also focus on eliminating mother tongue influence from communication. Some of the additional assistance will include, special attention to weak students such as helping with jaw exercise to improve pronunciation, specifically vowels, consonant and diphthongs are of prime importance. Rule of intonation and basics of UK and US English, are taught distinctly.

After completing the certificate course in BPO training from IIT KOLKATA you will also get job assistance and so as to grow in the chosen domain and help in product marketing through tele calling. INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOCRATS provides Software Courses-  SELENIUM QTP BIG DATA – HADOOP training in Kolkata

Video Editing

Equipped with cutting edge technology, state of the art equipments and highly trained teachers IIT Kolkata is offering professional standard video editing courses for more than a decade from now. Students here learns that video editing is not simply about processing a video or adjusting some images capture by a movie camera, instead it is an art of giving senses to the captured video and placing the images in a sequence to complete a meaningful journey through beautiful images. Presenting videos in a sequence to tell a tale is one of the toughest jobs in the visual industry.  Both television and film making industry are in constant need of highly skilled video editors. So decide your priorities and join to learn the art of editing, television news, advertisement, short films, wedding video etc.

At IIT KOLKATA you will therefore learn from the trained video editors and will experience working with video editing software. The faculties will emphasize on teaching the art of video editing that involves some of the essential features such as, cutting the segments, adding transitions, special effect and also sequencing clips to help in communicating visually in an engaging way.

Shooting with the help of a movie camera is all about capturing raw materials for a film or a story. It is on the editing desk where the footage is processed as well as packaged to give a defined form. The art of editing is a very essence of film making and it is the editor who controls the rhythm and pace of the story telling.

The reasons for joining IIT Kolkata includes, are, the institute regularly upgrades the course structure and keeps in pace with the changes taking place in the editing sector in the professional world. The present course includes an overview of the linear, non linear video editing, offline and online editing, use of software and vision missing. So join the course today and learn from the trained teachers amidst the top class infrastructure and training modules specially arranged for the students. Smart classroom facility, interactive session and professional IT lab is perfect for enlightening students and prepare them for the professional world.

The classes are arranged twice a week for three hours a day. The course fees vary according to the tenure selected. There are full-time, pat-time and crash courses for helping students learn new software and develop skill. The ERP Training Institute has specifically incorporated customise course works to help students learn easily.

Therefore IIT Kolkata is teaching ways of developing outstanding videos in the simplest way. So why waste time in thinking, just visit the institute and join today to grow as a video editor tomorrow.

Redefine your career by joining the ERP TRAINING INSTITUTE and learn the most demanding video editing software from the finest faculty members at IIT Kolkata. Give a boost to your professional life by learning the industry demanding editing software today. Complete the course and join the television or film making industry as an editor. The guides will help you in getting the right placement and advice on career growth related decision. INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOCRATS provides Software Courses-  SELENIUM QTP BIG DATA – HADOOP training in Kolkata


The IIT Kolkata, by the virtue of its dedicated and experienced teachers, cutting edge technologically sound infrastructure and through its commitment to quality and person specific attention to each one of the trainees who come to IIT Kolkata to undertake training.  The Informatica courses offered at IIT Kolkata provides best placement guided basic and advanced level Informatica ETL courses with the mentors being highly qualified and having solid real time experience in working with Informatica oriented projects. The courses and the syllabus designed for Informatica training are IIT Kolkata are meant to be the best and aimed to equip the trainees with adequate knowhow and experience of working in real time conditions. The comprehensive syllabus covers big data, Informatica designer, data integration, mapping, installation and Informatica Administration, cloud integration, Advanced Informatica  features, iPaas, Informatica ETL placement training as well as  and data security.

The IIT Kolkata, more than a decade of glorious existence having trained a great many trainees who have gone ahead to surge to the highest points in their professional realms, boats of magnificent and state of the infrastructure that leaves no room for any insufficiency or drawbacks. As a matter of fact, one of the main factors that have contributed to the success of IIT Kolkata is the attention of the management and their dedication to provide the best to the trainees in terms of training and grooming as well as modern cutting edge facilities. As such, the classrooms and laboratories are equipped with all smart equipments that are necessary to impart the best training to the trainees and impart the best education and technical guidance under the aegis of the most qualified and experienced mentors and trainers available in and around Kolkata and eastern India.

The factors that add to the advantages that have been mentioned above are the facts that the IIT Kolkata provides flexible class timings for students coming from far off places and provides all sorts of facilities to make the experience of the trainees with IIT Kolkata one to be remembered for long.

Owing to the fact that the IIT Kolkata has maintained its niche amidst the stiff competition and training institutes coming up almost every week, it still boasts of attracted and admitted a record number of students per course on a annual basis and also holds the record of successfully certifying and placing as many as 100 trainees with acclaimed institutions in India and around the world.

To be in sync with the needs and requirements of the trainees the management of the IIT Kolkata provides tailor made classes and training programs on weekdays, weekend training special classes, and also fast track training crash course for trainees with various training and placement needs and requirements.

The IIT Kolkata not only takes pride in being a premier training institute but is also well-known for forging healthy relationships with the trainees through flexible and person specific fee structure including facilities for installment payment and also payment options post-certification.

IIT Kolkata provides best atmosphere, training and placement offers so far Informatica training is concerned. INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOCRATS provides Software Courses-  SELENIUM QTP BIG DATA – HADOOP training in Kolkata


IIT Kolkata boasts of having trained and assisted the placement of students and trainees in multiple areas and in multiple sectors in named and famed organizations and companies. Among the wide range of courses offered at the IIT Kolkata, the software testing courses in different tools like qtp , load runner , selenium , manual testing have attracted immense popularity among the trainees and students. Technically speaking, software testing also provides ample opportunities for the better identification and analysis of the risks innate in the implementation of a specific software tool. To state it simply, software testing – qtp , load runner , selenium , manual testing  deals with the in-depth investigation of a given product under investigation and also helps identify and analyze the risks that may creep up as a result of the implementation of the particular product or service. This further helps in the ascertaining of whether the product meets the desired function or purpose and meets the satisfactory standards as well as helps in the examination of the feasibility of such a venture.

The teachers and trainers at the IIT Kolkata ensure that the training in qtp , load runner , selenium , manual testing  and knowledge building course are meant to make the trainees acquire the desired standard of technical and theoretical knowledge as well as gain substantive practical experience of examining and analyzing products and services and identify the standards and risks that may emanate from the implementation of the same. The teachers and trainers at IIT Kolkata in the software testing course – qtp , load runner , selenium , manual testing  ensure that each of the students gets due attention of the teachers and is monitored and evaluated on a constant basis so as to urge each one of the trainees engage in proactive study and knowledge gathering.

The facilities like smart classrooms and the facilities for interactive online classes where the students can interact and share their learning and knowledge with like-minded peers and also enquire about their doubts with teachers and mentors available online add to the appeal of the training programs that the IIT Kolkata offers to the trainees and that too at very reasonable prices. So far software testing is concerned; the IIT Kolkata provides training on qtp , load runner , selenium , manual testing  containing software testing principles, test designing, requirement oriented test designing as well as management skills pertaining to the process and activities of testing.  The flexibility in class timings and provisions for payment of the course fee on installments and the successful track record of IIT Kolkata makes it a cut above the rest among the many training institutions that have come up in Kolkata and eastern India lately.

The availability of experienced and highly qualified tutors and teachers who have themselves worked in real time situations in software testing provide training to the trainees and also arrange for special classes and lectures on weekends. The facility for special interactive sessions with other students and teachers provide the trainees ample opportunities to share and learn in a group and engage in proactive discussion with the peers as well as the trainees to enhance their learning and experience.

Innovative ideas, commitment to quality training and education in QTP , load runner , selenium , manual testing and person-specific target oriented training and placement assistance on software testing makes the IIT Kolkata a class apart from the rest.

INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOCRATS provides Software Courses-  SELENIUM QTP BIG DATA – HADOOP training in Kolkata